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The Petal Dog Park

The Petal Dog Park is located on Dawson Cut Off, just off South Main Street, behind the A & B Cycles in Petal, Mississippi. Built by the City of Petal with the support and funding of local businesses and patrons of the park, the Petal Dog Park officially opened on November 17th of 2007.

Although the Petal Dog Park was built primarily for local dogs and their owners, the news and popularity of the dog park is growing and today attracts a growing number of neighboring patrons from accross the bridge in Hattiesburg.

The Petal Dog Park is open everyday and has no set hours and ample lighting at night, so you will usually find someone there along with their canine companions enjoying the park when you arrive (or usually within a short time after if you happen to arrive and find yourself alone at the park.)

The Petal Dog Park features two separate fenced enclosures. One for smaller dogs and one for the larger dogs. This helps keep the peace and accidents down from big dogs trampling little dogs. For the most part, everyone gets along pretty well at the park when they follow the rules and practice basic dog park ettiquette.

Petal Dog Park Rules

The following rules and guidelines are posted by the City of Petal Parks and Recreation Department as you enter the Petal Dog Park to ensure the park stays clean and safe.

  1. Dogs must have proof of valid rabies shots!
  2. Please use the mutt mitt dispensers and waste containers located at the parks' fence lines. Owners/custodians must clean up after their dog(s) to decrease the spread of disease.
  3. Dog(s) must be kept on a leash until the owners/custodians and dog(s) are in the dog park and the entrance gates are fully closed after entry.
  4. Dog(s) must be accompanied by their owners/custodians. Owners/custodians must maintain voice control over their dog(s) and keep them in sight while visiting the dog park.
  5. Dog behavior can be unpredictable around other dogs and strangers. For the safety of all the dogs at the parks, immediately leash your dog if it exhibits aggressive behavior and leave the dog park area.
  6. To help keep the dog park clean, please do not groom animals at the park.
  7. To discourage aggressive behavior, the City of Petal recommends that dog owners only bring animals that have been spayed or neutered. Absolutely no female dogs in heat are allowed in the exercise areas.
  8. Smoking, alcoholic beverages and food are not permitted in the fenced areas.
  9. Some dogs exhibit unpredictable behavior around small children. For the safety of children, please do not bring children under the age of 12 into the dog parks.
  10. Owners/custodians of dogs are responsible for the acts and conduct of their animal at all times when it is in the city park. Park users and dog owners must assume all risks related to use of the dog parks.


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Dog Park Contacts

City of Petal Parks & Recreation Department

(601) 554-5440

Animal Warden

(601) 544-5331